Neighboring Concepts




Over the course of my career, I have helped clients build brand awareness, recognition and loyalty by unlocking their brand equity through creative ideas and SMART strategies. My goal is to increase brand value through effective brand identity design. An good example of this process was working with Neighboring Concepts architects.

Neighboring Concepts, a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Charlotte NC hired me to handle brand communications for several of their architectural and real estate development projects. Since its inception in 1996, Neighboring Concepts has emerged as an industry leader in the Charlotte area by delivering elegant, sustainable solutions to the unique challenges of urban environments.  The firm enjoys exceptional success in unifying public and private sector stakeholders to transform communities and improve the experiences and quality of life of the residents. Neighboring Concepts offers Architectural Design, Planning and Urban Design, and Real Estate Development services. The objective was to redesign the current brand in a way that it encapsulates the varied services offered.


The process of ideation for Neighboring Concepts was essentially arriving at a derivative idea (i.e. taking an already established concept and changing it). I was able to retain certain elements from the previous logo the company had used for over ten years – the green color which was foundational to the corporate brand, the corporate name as well as the grey color. Additional elements (like the gold and black colors as well as the modular building representation) were eliminated. Initial sketches reintroduced the squares on the building but these were eliminated in the final iteration for simplicity.


The Neighboring Concepts brand identity designs were implemented in corporate identity collateral as well as in site signs, website development and all corporate correspondence.