YMCA Infographics & Space Design


I was approached by the YMCA of Greater Charlotte to provide collateral design for its programs and curriculum as well as guidance on the layout and infographic design for its new Stratford Richardson YMCA branch. I built a palette from the various colors on the corporate brand guide and build a thematic representation of each color on the space.

Repetitive patterns of visual identity were used – from the conference rooms, to exercise rooms. I used YMCA’s colors as a basis for all the elements, starting with the main
thoroughfares. YMCA values were caring, responsibility, honesty and respect. Caring was symbolized by red for heart. Responsibility was symbolized by green to signify the Dowd Y’s role in sustainable growth and development on both individual and corporate levels. Honesty was represented by blue for “true blue”, the value of honor and truthfulness in our lives. Respect was symbolized by yellow, or gold, for the “golden rule” – treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated. Initial sketches and a conceptual space layout was provided to the client, as well a final design.

I conducted all installation of final work on the boards.