Selected Chapters, Papers and Publications

Designing in Dark Times: An Arendtian Lexicon. “Common Good.”

Onafuwa, D. (2018). Allies and Decoloniality: A Review of the Intersectional Perspectives on Design, Politics, and Power Symposium. Design and Culture10(1), 7-15.

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Arnold Mages, M. & Onafuwa, D. (2018). Opacity, Transition and Design Research. In Cuadernos issue on Transition Design.

Pending Publications:

Governing the Knowledge Commons. Book Chapter on Pluriversality and the Privacy as Knowledge Commons.

"Considering Context and Political Economy While Designing for Participation." with Michael Arnold Mages. CoDesign special issue: Repositioning Codesign in the Age of Platform Capitalism: From Sharing to Caring.