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Tackling Foot-borne Diseases

Samaritans Feet is a non-profit that is very dear to my heart. I led a missions trip to Nigeria to serve the kids there by helping provide needed shoes. Also worked with some of my students to envision a different approach to anti-microbial and biodegradable shoes that will help the organization continue in its mission. For more please visit


Oju Ona - Paintings

I am a figurative painter. I use Yoruba principles of art in my work. Some are Ona (the embellishment of form), Ara (creativity), Ere (improvisation), pipe (completeness) and tutu (coolness). I draw inspiration from the work of the 1960s Bay Area figurative expressionists (Diebenkorn, Oliveira, Brown, Wonner, Bischoff, Park etc) as well as Henri Matisse and Mark Rothko. For more please visit


Corps340 Podcast

Check out the podcast conversation I had with Brian Bronaugh and his colleagues about design, politics and everything in between. You can listen on iTunes and SoundCloud.